Cotswold pocketing is available in a wide variety of poly/cotton and 100% cotton blends, herringbones, box weaves, diagonal lines and specialty weaves. Most of these qualities are available in schreinered, and calendered finishes, soft and medium finishes, in addition to firmer hand finishes that are easier to handle in a garment cutting factory. Cotswold’s selection of pocketings are available anywhere in the world.


  • Sierra
  • Seville
  • Charleston
  • Tuffy
  • Hefty
  • Husky
  • Utah
  • Explorer
  • Sealed & Folded Back Pockets
  • Pre-cut front pockets

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Woven products for coating, laminating, medical and other commercial applications.

Wet laid and chemically bonded products for embroidery, depilation, apparel & geo-textile applications.

Fabrics for pocketing, waistbands, corduroy and 100% cotton garments.

Knitted & woven fabrics for the military, clean room, print media & decorative markets.

Fabrics for the industrial laundry, workwear and fashion shirting markets.

Advisory services for product engineering and solutions for a sustainable fiber & fabric supply chain.

Linens and other textiles for home and office. Sold exclusively online through the Cotswold Cotton Mills brand.

Asset Recovery, Operational and Financial Restructuring, Crisis & Transition Management.

Knitted & Woven fabrics for state and federal government production.

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol