Cotswold supplies yarn-dyed shirting fabrics for use in a variety of different commercial& retail applications. Cotswold engineers work closely with our customers to design and bring to market yarn-dyed textiles that are extremely reliable and of the highest quality.
Markets Include:
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Workwear
  • Sportswear
  • Fashion
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Woven products for coating, laminating, medical and other commercial applications.

Wet laid and chemically bonded products for embroidery, depilation, apparel & geo-textile applications.

Fabrics for pocketing, waistbands, corduroy and 100% cotton garments.

Knitted & woven fabrics for the military, clean room, government procurement & decorative markets.

Fabrics for the industrial laundry, workwear and fashion shirting markets.

Advisory services for product engineering and solutions for a sustainable fiber & fabric supply chain.

Linens and other textiles for home and office. Sold exclusively online through the Cotswold Cotton Mills brand.

Asset Recovery, Operational and Financial Restructuring, Crisis & Transition Management.

Solutions for increased apparel speeds and efficiencies.