September 2017

Cotswold introduces: Impressions Online-Fusible Fleece

January 2017

Wearables Digital: Cotswold Wonder Wipes-Wonder Wipes

September 2016

Printwear Magazine: Cotswold introduces-EMB 200 Stabilizer

July 2016

Cotswold introduces: Impressions Online-Premium Grade 3oz. Stabilizer

July 2016

Cotswold introduces: Wearables Online-EMB 200 Stabilizer

June 2016

Printwear Magazine: Cotswold introduces-EMB 200 Infants Clothing Stabilizer

May 2016

Printwear Magazine –Super Bright Polyester Thread
Printwear Magazine –Thermal Stick Pressure-Sensitive Fusible Stabilizer

March 2016

Cotswold introduces –2.5oz. Heavyweight Cutaway
Cotswold Introduces Thermal Stick –Sensitive Fusible Stabilizer

February 2016

CIO Review Magazine –A Special on Textile & Apparel Technology

August 2015

Cotswold Introduces Tech Weave Cutaway –Impression Team & Spirit Apparel

May 2015

Cotswold Thermal Stick –Stitches Magazine

May 2015

Cotswold Introduces –Premium Cutaway Stabilizer

March 2015

Printwear Magazine – Washaway Dissolvable Stabilizer

February 2015

CorelDraw Magazine – Platinum Mist

February 2015

CorelDraw Magazine – Thermal Stick

January 2015

Printwear Magazine – Wonder Wipes

November 2014

Cotswold introduces – Wonder Wipes

June 2014

Cotswold introduces Tencel for Pocketing – Yahoo! News

May 2014

Cotswold introduces EMB 200 –IMPRESSIONS Product Guide

May 2014

Cotswold introduces Press & Tear –Printwear Magazine

April 2013

Cotswold introduces Cloud Cover Stitch –Printwear Magazine

March 2013

Cotswold 2.0 Cutaway Premium Stabilizer –Printwear
Cotswold Cloud Cover Stitch –Stitches

February 2013

Cotswold Tech Weave Stabilizer –Impressions Team Supplement
Cotswold Tech Weave Stabilizer –Printwear The Team Sales Report
Cotswold Thermal Stick Embroidery Adhesive –Printwear

February 2013

Cotswold Signs Development Agreement with CRAiLAR Technologies for Sustainable Pocketing & Waistbanding Products

December 2012

Cotswold Tech Weave Product of the Year –CorelDraw

December 2012

Wet-laid cutaway stabilizer –Printwear Magazine

November 2012

Water Soluble Topping – Printwear Magazine

November 2012

Smooth Stabilizer –Impressions Magazine

November 2012

Cotswold ECO Stick Sticky Stabilizer – Stitches Magazine

October 2012

Cotswold introduced “Renaissance Pocketing” for jeans and sportswear – Renaissance Pocketing

July 2012

Cotswold Press N Tear – Printwear Magazine

June 2012

Cotswold introduces Tech Weave Stabilizer for Performance Wear – Printwear Magazine

April 2012

Cotswold introduces Wash Away Stabilizer for Applique – Printwear Magazine

March 2012

Cotswold introduces EMB200 Stabilizer – Stitches Magazine

February 2012

Cotswold introduces Dissolvable Stabilizer – Impressions Magazine

Cotswold introduces Childrenswear Stabilizer EMB200 – Impressions Magazine

January 2012

Cotswold introduces Ultra Heavyweight Tearaway – Printwear Magazine

October 2011

Cotswold introduces Cloud Cover Stitch – Printwear Magazine

August 2011

Cotswold introduces “Fusible Mesh” Impressions

May 2011

Cotswold Introduces Eco-Stick Biodegradable Stabilizer. Eco-stick

January 2011

Your Carolina TV – Central Textiles Manufacturing.

February 2008

QIO Systems and Cotswold Industries Announce Worldwide Sales and Marketing Agreement. Press Release