Cotswold Introduces Tech Weave Stabilizer for Performance Fabrics

Because it’s cool and comfortable to wear, the popularity of performance wear has expanded the boundaries of activewear to corporate and streetwear. However, because of its stretch, it can be tricky to embroider. Without the proper type of stabilizer, there can be issues such as puckering and stitch distortion.

Performancewear makers have been known to use several layers of heavy cutaway; however, while the embroidery is crisp and has tight registration, the downside is that cutaway is bulky, stiff, and incompatible with the fabric weight making it uncomfortable against the skin.

To combat these issues, Cotswold recently introduced a brand new cutaway embroidery stabilizer specifically designed for use on performancewear. Tech Weave is made of 50% polyester/50% rayon and when used on the bias, it stretches with the fabric reducing the stress on stitching. It features low shrinkage, which decreases puckering and provides a stable foundation that keeps stitches looking sharp and in registration no matter what the wearer is doing.

Available in white and black, it’s ideal for any type of lightweight stretchy fabric including 100% polyester and spandex. This durable woven is washable and dry-cleanable.

Tech Weave is carried by a variety of top embroidery supply distributors across the United States. To find out the distributor nearest you, contact or call Cotswold Industries at (877) 309-3553.