Renaissance Pocketing

Cotswold Industries introduces ‘Renaissance Pocketing’ fabrics for jeans and sportswear

New York, NY – Business Wire

Cotswold Industries, Inc. understands that sustainability goes well beyond reduce, reuse and recycle. True sustainability gains traction only when it has positive environmental, social and economic implications. That is why Cotswold is pleased to introduce “Renaissance” pocketing fabrics for jeans and casual slacks.

Cotswold’s “Renaissance” pocketing takes a proactive approach to the manufacturing of interior apparel fabric products that support true sustainability. Manufactured with both post-consumer (Recycled PET bottles) and pre-consumer waste (Recycled yarn fibers) Cotswold’s “Renaissance” is an exciting solution to today’s sustainable minded apparel producers. “Renaissance” is designed for the manufacturer and consumer who are committed to making the small changes that ad up to big results. Cotswold supports multiple recycled product weights and distributes throughout Asia, Latin America and the USA.

Founded in 1954 and now in its third generation of family management, Cotswold is a leader in the development and distribution of technical textiles and apparel fabrics. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, converter and distributor, Cotswold brings its customers quality and value from fiber to a finished product.

Renaissance pocketing portfolios are available upon request. Please send an email to: